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Travian Report Helper


Travian Report Helper automates the creation of battle reports at travian-reports.net saving all the copying & pasting. Just go to the Travian report, select a report type and a new tab is automatically opened at the final report page.

A new menu is added to the right click context menu with the options:

- Full uncensored report
- Anonymous report - no player/village names
- Zero attack report - no attacker statistics
- Zero defender report - no defender statistics
- Zero offensive scouts - for use when reporting building levels
- Zero attacker report show losses - only report attacker losses
- Zero defender report show losses - only report defender losses

- To use the merge ability of travian-reports.net, first select either the "Start new merge report" or "Merge with previous report" option from the right click menu. Then go through each report and select the type of report you want. To start a new merge report either close the existing merged report tab, or select the "Start new merge report" option.

If this addon doesn't work for you or if you have any enhancement ideas please contact me or leave a comment in the reviews here.

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