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Remember Certificate Exception


WARNING: please disable RCE when you are going to a untrusted website to avoid phishing and mal-ware because RCE is a crazy idea to bypass any SSL pages automatically!

Remember Certificate Exception introduction:
Auto complete Firefox3 SSL certificate exception override on exceptionDialog.
Firefox3 introduced new 'Add Exception/BadCert Override' mandatory operations to bypass bad certificate exception.
It is much safer but inconvenient to do mass bypassing while doing development with self-signed certificates.
User wants a tool to auto complete add exception/badcert override operations.
RCE extension is a such kind robot which can:
- auto-click 'Or you can add an exception' link
- auto-click 'Add Exception' button
- auto-click 'Get Certificate' button
- auto-click 'Confirm Security Exception' button
- auto-reload ssl page
The idea of RCE.xpi came from solving my Selenium web automation testing ssl page blocking issue.
Please try badcert demo URLs inside http://kuix.de/mozilla/certwarndiscussion/proposal20061016/ with RCE extension.
Please read firefox3 security topic: http://www.smop.co.uk/blog/index.php/2008/03/25/firefox-3-security-madness/

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