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Friendbar - The Twitter and Facebook Toolbar


New features in v4:

• Your own "My Friendbar" homepage that shows you your Twitter and Facebook updates, and thumbnails of all media files and shared URL's
• The ability to "Like" and "Comment" on Facebook posts
• Ability to click on any word in a Facebook or Twitter update on your "My Friendbar" homepage and run a Google search on it
• See the latest Twitter trends on your "My Friendbar" homepage

Existing features:

• View your Facebook and Twitter updates, right on Friendbar
• Post updates, retweets, direct messages, and replies, right from the toolbar
• Get a stream of your friends Facebook photos right on Friendbar
• Roll over the photos to view the original
• Click on the enlarged photo (or album name) to visit the photo or albums web page
• Get an alert when a new message arrives
• Send Twits and Facebook updates from Friendbar (separately or both together)
• Automatically create a tiny URL for the web page you are viewing
• Click on links in text updates to open the link in a new tab
• Toggle Text updates and Photos on and off
• Select different ticker scrolling styles: Fade, Slide, and no effect
• A "Quickpost" button allowing you to easily post links to pages that you find on the web
• A "Lucky Site" button that opens popular sites of the day, to provide you with interesting content to Twitter about!
• A "Pause" button when you don't want others seeing your updates
• An enlarge/minimize button that allows easy switching between regular and large modes
• Ability to select between the regular grey and a dark blue background color
• An invite button allowing you to invite your friends from Facebook
• Your personal Friendbar homepage, that shows a real time stream of your Facebook and Twitter updates and photos. Click on a photo and browse the photos at their full resolution. Set it as your browser start page and always be up to date! Click on the Friendbar logo on the toolbar and go straight there, even if you dont set it to be your browser homepage.
• Birthday Central: a button on the Friendbar toolbar displays the number of friends that have birthdays in the next 2 weeks. Click on the button and you will be able to see who has a birthday, and then send them an ecard, announce it on Twitter, or send them a Facebook message.
• Support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish! If you are using Firefox in any of these languages Friendbar will automatically change its UI to that language. Please let us know if there are issues with the translations - we are beta testing those as well!
• A new scrolling style: "Show Newest Updates", which only shows you the last update without scrolling.
• A delete button, that allows you to delete a specific text update if you do not want to see it again.
• Ability to hide the search box if you don't want it
• Loads of back-end improvements for better network handling and optimizations.

Read about the latest updates on our blog: http://friendbar.wordpress.com

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