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iGoogle Tab Remover


Since changes have been implemented on the iGoogle page to hide the left side column, I will no longer be developing this addon. Since there are a number of users who are still using the addon, I will not remove it.

Using the following link will fix issues reported my many:
If you are using an international version of iGoogle add ?aig=0 to the end of the igoogle URL
This extension hides the left tabs for your iGoogle page. It allows you to enable and disable it from the tools menu, at your convenience. This is designed for end user ease of use, and is what we think Google should have done. Just place your mouse over the words "iGoogle tabs" to reveal your tab menu which supports canvas view.

This extension is perfect for those who like the personalized Google homepage but have limited screen space, like on the new and popular netbooks.

This updated version adds a way to reduce the size of the top header on your iGoogle page. This makes for a much improved interface for netbooks, as the header does not block most of the screen. The header is adjustable by hovering over the word Timedyn in the iGoogle Tabs menu and clicking Resize Header. Then click anywhere in the header section to resize it to that point.

A new Minimize Tabs option was also added to completely hide the iGoogle Tabs menu. You can restore the menu by clicking on the small triangle next to the more triangle in the upper most part of the web page.

PLEASE NOTE: While in reduced modes, you will not be able to see the undo or add stuff messages provided by Google. We suggest making changes to your tabs by resizing the header back to the original size first.

Have a look at our video demo on youtube

Download files:


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