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This add-on does two things: it notifies you when you are on a real LibertyReserve website and it blocks phishing websites that were reported.

Addons.Mozilla.org and libertyreserve.com are the only places where you can get this add-on. We will not email it to you and we will not email any links to it or any other web site.

This add-on is an open source add-on. You can review its source code and its contents. You may not modify, republish or redistribute it as your own.

Detailed features:
1. Liberty Guard (will be located at the bottom right corner) will start blinking green when you are on a real Liberty Reserve web site. This is done to let you know that you have not opened a fake Liberty Reserve (phishing) web site. If you think you are on a Liberty Reserve web site and the toolbar does NOT blink green, then you must leave that web site immediately and report its address (URL) to us!
2. Liberty Guard also allows its user to block additional web sites in its settings.
3. Liberty Guard also has a list of phishing web sites, updated every hour. Liberty Guard will block the phishing web site if you try to access it and will blink with a red skull.
We are constantly upgrading and adding new features to this add-on.

We cannot catch all phishing web sites, but with your helpful reports we will be able to minimize their effect.

Please report new phishing web sites and malicious web sites that redirect to phishing web sites, through our contact form: http://help.libertyreserve.com/contact-us.php or in Firefox (Tools > Liberty Guard > Report a phishing website)

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