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Ever wanted to send an address or location you've found online to your phone?

Now you can with PinPoints!

Step 1. Register for an account on http://www.yourpinpoints.com
Step 2. Create PinPoints on http://www.yourpinpoints.com or via this Firefox add-on
Step 3. Send PinPoints from http://www.yourpinpoints.com to your phone

What does the add-on do?
It allows you to select any textual address from a website, email or document then view it on your smartphone or share the location with clients, colleagues or friends.

See a demonstration of the FireFox add-on in action here: http://www.yourpinpoints.com

What phones are supported ?
Currently smartphones with GPS (but not essential) - examples include the iPhone, Nokia (N95, 6110, N82 etc.) BlackBerry Curve, Bold etc. Android and Windows Mobile devices
- see www.yourpinpoints.com for a full listing.

What navigation software is supported ?
Nokia Maps, Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps, Co-Pilot etc.
- see www.yourpinpoints.com for a full listing.

What networks are supported?
Pretty much every cellular network is supported!

How much does it cost?
Nothing..Nada .. it's Free!

** What's new in PinPoints 1.1.5 **
1. Give your PinPoint a name.
2. Preview the PinPoint you just created.
3. View the PinPoint with Google or Bing maps.
4. Share your PinPoint via Twitter.
5. Share your PinPoint via e-mail.
6. Paste the PinPoint wherever you like (we've copied it for you - Just paste it!).
7. Enter yourpinpoints.com account details in the user preferences and you can manage or edit the PinPoint after you create it on your account.

Share the where with PinPoints

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