Content policy

Last updated: 26 Dec 2018.


The content on this site is a collection of resources from the Internet that have been freely available through publishers to the general public. We do not own this content and are merely a distribution point for it, to provide a (free) service to the general public.
Content on this site is or has been generally available for free redistribution to the public. We do not list content that is DRM-encumbered, patent-encumbered or otherwise non-free or a violation of various copyrights and/or distribution restrictions. (in other words: we do not list "warez" or "abandonware" that was previously sold)

Content requirements

We do not aim to infringe on anyone's rights by offering legacy content up to the public. As such we ask that content intended to be listed on this site meets certain requirements.


Software/mods/extensions/add-ons are only listed on this site if:

Images/graphic media

Images and graphic media are only listed on this site if:


Documents are only listed on this site if:
It is important to note that much content on this site falls under Copyright, but has been cleared for redistribution by the Copyright holders (either by way of their open licensing or by explicit permission). While we do not wish to infringe Copyright, such licensing or other permissions explicitly given can usually not be revoked later and as such we assume that if enough proof has been given of such permissions through licensing or past publications, that we have the right to list and redistribute past public content.


What will be listed on this site or not is ultimately solely at the discretion of the website operator(s). You may suggest and/or offer content to be added, but this is no guarantee that it will actually be listed.


If you are a rights holder and wish to dispute any particular listing on this site, please contact [email protected] to discuss your complaint and request for removal. Please note we will only honor legitimate claims and usually only by the original rights holder(s) of the distributed content, as required by the DMCA.

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