Capture Fox


Capture Fox now works with Firefox 5 and Firefox 6!

Capture Fox includes some binaries and Mozilla has made a decision of not providing a stable API for XP -COM components and discouraging XPCOM development. Mozilla also will release FF versions faster and with their new decision, it's getting much more difficult to cope with the changes and release new versions of Capture Fox (I develop and maintain CF in my spare time.). Thus, I'm not sure I'll keep updating Capture Fox for each new version. With great possibility, there won't be a new version for Firefox 5.

If you are having trouble with the addon and want to uninstall it, please follow the following steps (for Firefox 5 users):
- Click on the Firefox button.
- Click Add-Ons. Add-ons manager will be opened in a new tab.
- Click Extensions on the left menu. You'll see Capture Fox.
- Click on Remove button to uninstall it.

You can use this tool to capture firefox window or the whole screen and make screencast videos. You can compose tutorials, e-lessons or videos. You can also record your voice.

This extension is for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Please send us your feature requests that will enhance the usability of the application.

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