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Spam Control


Spam control gives you easy-to-use control over who you give your email address to, and easy access to a number of spam fighting tools that help keep your inbox spam-free.

Spam Control adds a toolbar (which you can disable if you like) and a pop-up menu to Firefox. Whenever an input field has focus, you can use one of the buttons to automatically type an email address into the field, saving you having to type it or remember it.

The really useful part is that Spam Control gives you lots of choices of email address to use:

* Your personal one. This is the one you don’t want anyone to send spam to, so use it sparingly.
* Your work one. Similar to the personal one, but at least your work might have a good spam filter. Or not :)
* A site-id one. If your email provider allows you to be creative with email addresses, you can use this. Googlr Mail for example allows you to add a plus sign and then some text to your email address - and it’s still yours. So if your address is [email protected], then you could use [email protected] to register with hammocks.com, and block just this address if it starts getting spammed.
* A spamgourmet one. This one requires that you create an account with spamgourmet.com, but since it’s free and very convenient, you should consider doing it. A spamgourmet account allows you to create email addresses on the fly, and have each one forward the mail to your real email account. Each spamgourmet email address lasts only for a few emails, after which it becomes invalid, so you can use this for those things where you want to make sure you don’t get spammed after the first couple of emails.
* A temporaryinbox one. This is another great, free service that doesn’t even need registration - each email address you create (on the fly) lasts just a few hours, after which it’s history. Long enough to get that email confirmation through, so perfect to sign up for lotteries and such stuff. You can go check your temporary inbox from the Spam Control toolbar too.
* A temporaryforward one. This is offered by the same guy that does the temporary inbox and is almost as simple although it does require registration. I use this all the time.
* A mailcatch.com temporary one. This is a newer service than Temporary Inbox and therefore less likely to be blocked by people that want you to give your "real" email address to them.
* One of any other address you might have. For example, you might have a throw-away Yahoo address, or a secondary Google Mail address that you don’t care very much about. Type it into Spam Control, and it’s available at the press of a button.

Spam Control gives you easy control and a lot of choice, but it takes just a moment to install and configure and should make it much easier to make sure you don’t get a lot of spam in your regular inbox. The one you care about, at least, and that is the whole point!

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