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whitelist javascript websites


This Add-on brings a new button on to the toolbar of your browser – a single button to toggle the permissions of that particular website to execute JavaScript-code. This brings additional security, as execution is disabled by default, so you can first check the website and only then decide if you want to trust and let it run arbitrary JavaScript.

At the time of introduction, long time ago, JavaScript used to be lightweight and limited in capabilities. First it could only do primitive things, like open up popup windows which were annoying, but not too dangerous. However, soon it grew larger and larger, got new capabilities. Todays JavaScript can run even a full-blown text or image editor, games and even a bot-net of some kind behind the scenes. These new capabilities make JavaScript vulnerable for many security issues, so disabling it by default may make a lot of sense in many cases.

However, many sites require JavaScript to even open at all! Some people think that that is not a good way to design a public site, still there are increasing amount of sites and web applications that could not even launch without it. If you want to use your favorite web site or application and it wont run without JavaScript, contact the author or maintainer of the site and propose them to create support for users who don’t want to use JavaScript. Or simply use this Add-on to grant that particular website permissions to run its code, but keep all the others disabled by default.

Using this Add-on is extremely simple to use, just click one button – and boom – all the JavaScript code on that page will be either disabled or enabled. The Add-on is open source, so you can check it how it works, study from it, improve it and even modify it when you need. If you modify, and you are welcome to do so, please pay attention to the license and publish your modifications for the benefit of all users!

You can find the clone the GIT repository, and once you get developer access, also push your modifications at:


Please do enjoy using this plugin, come up with any ideas of improvement, test the security and features — and enjoy additional security when cruising around the wild west of cyberspace!

Download files:


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