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Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading


BYM provide a simple mechanism to change Firefox color combination in order to invert the usage of white and black colors.
A typical web page has black (the foregroud color) text over a white background.
When "BYM is ON", you will get a white text over a black background.
If you have a CRT monitor, you will save a little amount of energy.
You can change color combination and keyboard shortcut by the BYM Options menu associated to the toolbar button. The BYM Options menu is alsoavailable under the Addons page. BYM Options is active, when BYM is OFF

BYM toolbar icon is available in View->Toolbar->Customize menu (available since version 1.9.6)

ER provides a simple mechanism to isolate and highlight the text for easy reading.
Select the text, right-click, select the "Easy Read" entry in the context menu or press Ctrl-Alt-Z.
You will get a new tab filled with the selected text (white text over a black background).
ER uses the color combination defined for BYM.
You can use the Tools->BYM Options menu to toogle the hover effect (underline rows while your mouse move) in the Easy Read tab.

BLOG: http://blankyourmonitor.wordpress.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BlankYourMonitor

In order to fix bugs, please send an email to [email protected] with the bug description, BYM version, OS version and Firefox version.

Version 1.9.7
Added Color Codes in BYM Options

Version 1.9.7
Associated BYM Options menu with the toolbar button
BYM OPtions menu available under the Addons page

Version 1.9.6
Added BYM button in Customize Toolbar window

Version 1.9.4
Localization added

Version 1.9.3
Easy Read: Changed shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-Z)
Easy Read: Added support to "Non-ASCII" languages
Easy Read: Select All dialog on empty selection

Version 1.9.2
Added keyboard shortcut to activate Easy Read (Ctrl-Alt-T)

Version 1.9.1
Added keyboard shortcut configuration in the Tools->Bym Options menu

Version 1.9
Added keyboard shortcut to toggle BYM ON/OFF (Ctrl-Alt-B)
Added fine color tuning in BYM Option window (works under Firefox 3.x)
The BYM Option window shows the new color combination while changing it

Version 1.8
Updated install.rdf
New "form enhancement" flag in the option window

Version 1.7
BYM: Improve form display while BYM is active
ER: Added Hover Effect in Easy Read tab
ER: Added Hover Effect flag in the Tools->Bym Options menu

Version 1.6
Added icon in statusbar

Version 1.5
Added easy reading functionality:
- new context menu entry (Easy Read)
- new tab wiht selected text

Version 1.4
Added background color in option window
"100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia" (http://mac.softpedia.com/progClean/Blank-Your-Monitor-Clean-37479.html)

Version 1.3
Update in install.rdf for Firefox 3 rc1

Version 1.2
Added handling of use_system_colors user preferences

Version 1.1
When "BYM is OFF", use the Tools->BYM Options menu in order to personalize color combination (text, link and vlink colors)

Version 1.0
Click in the statusbar for changing its status (ON/OFF)

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