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Wikipedia Toolbar


This toolbar speeds up navigation and editing of Wikipedia by making the most common of Wikipedia's page functions always conveniently accessible from atop your browser window. Most of the navigational elements that appear standard across Wikipedia pages are available from this toolbar, including Wikipedia's search bar, watchlist link, page history link, edit link, and many more. There's also a toggle button for switching between a page and its associated talk page.

There are also buttons that activate "hidden" page functions on Wikipedia, such as the "purge server cache" and "no redirect" functions.

All buttons in the toolbar can be middle-clicked to load their function in a new tab.

This toolbar also comes with its own handy toggle button, so it can be quickly hidden away or displayed when needed.

Wikipedia Toolbar was created independently by a Wikipedia user (me). It contains no spyware or adware of any kind.

For complete information, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:WPTB

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