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=== How to use ===

At first you need install this extension to your Firefox, and restart your Firefox. Then, the menu item "AppLauncher" is added to the context menu. Click "Preferences" in that menu item, open your preferences window, and set it according to the favorite. You can add a setting of an external application by clicking "Add" button.

=== Way to open a new tab of Firefox ===

If you want to open a new tab of Firefox by using AppLauncher, set an application path to your firefox's path, and set a first argument to a URL that you want to load.

=== Replacement of argument characters ===

Some character strings written in the form of the following is automatically substituted.


The correspondence of the character string before substituting and one after substituting is shown below.

=== Encoding ===

Since ver. 0.7.0, the argument string can be encoded to any encoding by setting an argument in following format.


charset is encoding that you want to encode to. For instance, "UTF-8", "Shift_JIS" etc. targetString is characters that you want to be encoded.

=== Please feed back to me ===

When you notice something about AppLauncher, please send me email to tell me it.
And I'm a not native English speaker, so you may notice the curious English expression. Also in such a case, please correct me through email!

email : [email protected]

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