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WebSitePulse Transaction Recorder


Once the recorder is installed, it displays its buttons underneath the browser address bar. To start recording, press the "record" button, enter the starting URL and browse through the website exactly the way you want the transaction to be recorded. To end the recording, click the "stop" button.

The "edit steps" button will open a sidebar with all individual steps displayed and their respective properties some of which can be edited while recording or after recording.

Once recorded, the transaction can be saved or uploaded to your service account.

The Recorder settings will save your log in information and allow for automatic transaction upload to your account. You can also to turn on and off the recorder.

The Recorder "options" and "help" menus are also available under the "Tools" menu of the browser.

You can record and save web transactions without a WebSitePulse account, but to upload them for monitoring you will need one. If you do not have a WebSitePulse monitoring service account, you can start a free trial account.

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