SearchAll is a handy side-by-side search engine comparison tool which allows you to search at most 3 different search engines simultaneously and benchmark their performance in the status bar.rnrnWith this extension, you can compare 2 to 3 search engines at a time. There's a long list of default search engines that you can choose from (including Amazon and eBay!).

In fact, SearchAll allows you to enter your own site's URL in those editable drop-down lists and there's a general-purpose data extracting algorithm in SearchAll for extracting items from unknown site's results pages. Unfortunately, the pattern mining algorithm is a bit slow on ordinary machines and it does not work for 100% of the sites over the web. Well, we're improving it :)

Currently SearchAll supports three views: the original view, the formatted view, and the mapping view. It also tests the links in the formatted view automatically using HTTP HEAD requests and marks good, bad, and slow links. We're adding cooler features to this extension; please stay tuned!rnrnThis project was initiated and has been sponsored by the Yahoo! China ( company and opensourced under the MIT license.

One of our buzzwords (for extension developers) is that there's 0 line of XUL/RDF/XML in our project's source tree. The UI stuff is totally scripted in Perl. Thanks to Jesse Vincent's Template::Declare module on CPAN.rnrnYou can always get the latest source code of this project from the following git repository:

If you like to help, please let us know. We're very willing to deliver the commit bit like the Pugs team ;)

P.S. The following Flash animation shows how to customize your SearchAll toolbar so as to save your screen room:

It's known that the following Firefox extensions may prevent SearchAll from working properly:

* Html Validator
* Alexa Sparky

It's strongly recommended to (temporarily) disable these extensions when using SearchAll.

Download files:


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