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Handy Calculator


Calculator made as Simple as typing in the web page. Just use as 'c: expression =? ' and see the result replacing the question mark(?).

Watch Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcsYh6ptMoI

or visit: http://handycalculator.com/

After installing, if need help just type ' '

This is the simplest, easiest and fastest browser calculator. When you want to calculate something, then just write the expression and it will be automatically calculated, without need to find and open an application to make your calculations. Yeah, it is as simple as typing. And you can do it even when you write your email, comment, message or anything in your browser web page ... because it works as inline calculator, and if it find a Math expression then it will calculate and give you the result instantly. Check the screenshot images and try this wonderful Handy Calculator, it is Free and so useful. If you Like it and want to make a donation, contact me at [email protected]

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Download files:


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