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When you click on a "mailto:[email protected]" link it opens "Compose New Email" in your default desktop e-mail client (such as Outlook application or Mac OS Email application). This add-on allows you to use Webmail clients in its place. By default, Firefox, comes with GMail and Y! Mail handlers installed.

Popular Services Supported
Yahoo and GMail are default with Firefox. Others include:

How to access the tools page?
On first install, the manager page tab will open right away. To access the tools in future, either type about:mailto in the URL bar, or go to the Addon Manager of Firefox, and click on "Options" button of this addon.

Video tutorials
Screencast showing how to change your handler in 1 minute and uninstall this addon: Ready, set, go, and finish with MailtoWebmails
Screencast explaining how the details of the addon works: Learning the details of MailtoWebmails.

Data Collection - Important
In previous versions I would get many requests to add in new webmail providers. I could not keep up with it. In version 2 I added a section at bottom so you can now add your own webmail providers. When you do so, it automatically sends to my server what you added. No identifying data is sent, only the webmaili provider name, url template, description, color and image that you set. I then approve it for public or delete it.

If approved for public, then it will show up for other people as a webmail provider they can add on the "Discover" page. It's pretty easy to tell if someones wants it shared or not, if you create a personal webmail, like for your site, I delete those. However you can help me by putting in the description "personal" or "not for public" and it will not show up in the "Discover" page. If you intended your submission to be public, but do not see it, please file a bug on the support page or contact me via email, and I'll make sure you get public visibility.

What does clicking "Install" do?
Clicking install button adds it to the list of choices available in the Firefox options menu for "Possible Applications" for the "mailto" section. If you open the Firefox perferences/options page (about:preferences) then go to "Applications" section, in the list you will see "mailto" in the "Content Type" column. The drop down menu in the "Action" column will have the services you installed from this page. If you uninstall this addon, the "installed" webmail will remain as an option in this dropdown. See the "Learning the details of MailtoWebmails" video to see a visual of what I mean.

What does clicking "Set Active" do?
If you click "Set Active" it sets it as the default handler. After making it active, then future clicks on "mailto:" links will cause it to open in the activated Webmail service. The purpose of this, is if you have multiple webmails, for example you use Gmail and Hotmail, then if you "Install" both handlers, and then keep both at "Inactive", the next time you click a mailto link, it will ask you, which service you want to open the email in.

Community added services
In v1.x of MailtoWebmails, users had to email me requests for adding new webmail services. I could not keep up with the many requests, as I would have to create a new release on AMO every time. Therefore, v2.0 introduces the "add it yourself and share" feature.

Whenever you add or edit a handler from the "Discovered Services" section of the "Manage" page, it will get added to your personal list. You can use it right away. It will at the same time share it with my server. I will review the submission, if it is safe and intended for public, I will approve it, and the service will then appear to the public on the "Discover" page.

Many times, users may want to set up a personal webmail service, in this case, it will not be stored on the server, and it will not be visible to anyone else except you. Absolutely no personally identifiable information is shared, only the Name, Wildcard Compose URL, Description, Color, and Image are shared.

How to get the "Wildcard Compose URL"
If there is the a webmail service you use, and need help finding the "wildcard compose url", send this email to the support team, they will reply back with the information, which you can plug into this addon.
Hi Support Team,
I was looking for the "Wildcard Compose URL" for your webmail service. For example Hotmail wildcard url is: "https://mail.live.com/secure/start?action=compose&to=%s", where the "%s" is where the clicked on email address gets populated. For instance when I click on a mail link of "mailto:[email protected]" it should navigate to "https://mail.live.com/secure/start?action=compose&to=mailto:[email protected]".

Other webmail services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and AOL Mail provide these wildcard URLs, can you please share with me a wildcard url that will work with your webmail service?

nmaier for XPCOM Protocol Education
MightyDrakeC for Beta Testing
Akash Bhandange for HTML Design
Lester Gonzales for HTML Design
David Lanham for Icon

Translation Credits
Markh for Dutch
Goofytest for French
Klofutar for Slovenian

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