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4chan Post Reporting Helper


This addon helps you combat spam on 4chan. Right-click on the post number (it's what you click on to quote the post in the reply box) and select one of the 'report spam post...' options. The addon will add the post to a report queue, from which a new report is sent every 61 seconds. The addon provides some stats at the bottom of the page.

Additional details:

* If you have the 4chan extension installed, and the 'hide thread' button available, the extension will auto-hide threads if you report the first post.

* The only way to cancel reporting is to close the browser. If you you want to remove a post from the report queue, the only way you can do this is by closing the browser (this clears the queue).

Send a mail to [email protected] or leave a comment here if you have anything to say about the addon.

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