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Features: (Version 1.*)

Deprecation notice
As you may have heard JetPack- and legacy-based extensions will very likely stop working with Firefox 57 and while updating this extension may be possible (if Mozilla implements the required functionality in time), I do not see any good reason to do so anymore:
  1. The search settings are now easily reachable through the application preferences.
  2. It is now easy to add engines by right-clicking any search field and selecting the corresponding menu item.
  3. How often do you change your default search engine? (be honest)
This extension was originally written to make it possible to use all the search-engine related features of the browser without having to use the search bar. That can now be achieved without using this extension just as easily.
For a while I simply kept this extension around in maintenance-only mode because it was easy to do so. That will now change, so unless somebody writes a comment stating a very use-case they have for keeping it around, I will simply let it rest in peace – so that it may one day suddenly vanish, with life going on as usual.

Interested in adding a translation? Please download this file, follow the instructions and send an e-mail to [email protected] with the translated file! Thank you!
Currently this add-on has been translated into the following languages:

Compatibility warning
If you are using an older version of Firefox (version 37 or older), please stick with version 1.2.1 of this add-on which supports all Firefox version between 24 and 33.

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