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XSL Results


Displays XSL transformation results (XSLT 1.0) of the currently-loaded document in Firefox or a manually-entered XML document by a stylesheet attached via a local file reference, a URL, or a manually typed XSL file.

Note: You should avoid using the stylesheets on untrusted sites, as security issues have not been fully assessed.

Also be aware that there are known to be some imperfections in handling character sets in certain circumstances as well as handling stylesheets using imports/includes reliably.

The default behavior is to use the current loaded document in Firefox as the source XML to transform. This can even work on poorly-formed HTML, as Firefox's inner DOM representation is used to first convert the document to a more well-formed status (though this may not work in some cases).

One can view the source or results of a currently loaded XML document via the context menu as text, in XML, or with results placed in a textbox.

Can save XSL stylesheets on a per-site basis and apply them before or after any attached stylesheets.

Note: Due to prior Java support in Firefox for add-ons, I had included the then open source Saxon software to provide XSLT 2.0 support. However, due to Java support being removed (not to mention the latest versions of Saxon not being open source anyways), I decided to strip this functionality so I could at least get the add-on to work again for XSLT 1.0.

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