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UI Text Overrider


Provides ability to override UI elements' label, tooltip text, etc.

If you define some preferences like following, this addon automatically apply new labels, tooltip texts, and so on.

user_pref("[email protected]", "CSS selector for the element");
user_pref("[email protected]", "new label");
user_pref("[email protected]", "new tooltiptext");
user_pref("[email protected]", "accesskey");

user_pref("[email protected]", "CSS selector for the element 2");
user_pref("[email protected]", "new label2");
user_pref("[email protected]", "new tooltiptext2");
user_pref("[email protected]", "accesskey2");
// If the item is automatically inserted by another addon,
// then you should set this "delayed" flag to override labels certainly.
user_pref("[email protected]", true);


For example, following preferences will change the label of "Firefox" button to "Iceweasel".

user_pref("[email protected]", "#appmenu-button");
user_pref("[email protected]", "Iceweasel");

The value of the base key is always a CSS selector string to find the target element. You can specify any attribute name and value as child keys.

Note: original attribute and values won't be restored even if the addon is disabled or uninstalled, until you restart Firefox.

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