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Cloquo Event Grabber



Cloquo Event Grabber helps you grab dates from the web and turn them into alarms. Then you will be reminded by your iPhone (Android is coming) or by email. It doesn't matter if it's an upcoming movie, a concert, the release date for a game, a webinar or whatever event you can find on the web.

What Cloquo is all about:

1. Grab dates from the web, even if it's a blog or web portal.
2. Turn dates into Alarms, including pictures and links.
3. Receive alarms on your iPhone or by email (soon) (Android will come later this year)
4. Share alarms with friends and follow new people or lists to pick up new alarms.

Features of the extension:

★ Auto-Grabber tool: Turn dates into alarms in a couple of clicks!!
★ Set up reminders for your iPhone or to be reminded by email (soon)
★ When you grab an event you also save the website it came from.
★ Easy way to share with friends (if you are already friends in Cloquo)

Additional cool features:

★ Auto Sync with your account
★ Your alarms will always go off, even if you don't have a 3G or WIFI connection (as long as you've synced beforehand).
★ Participate by adding new alarms to public lists. Be social!!
★ Full integration with iCal in your iPhone!

For more info, just visit us at:

Contact us:
[email protected]

Download files:


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