The "Check" button will now open the panel's url in a new tab.

Extension's icon updated 21feb2013
Have just changed the name of this extension from
Anywebpageflashpanel to ContinuousWebpageReminderPopup for clarity.

If you want, please post any likes/dislikes or feature requests for this add-on in the Reviews section. Also, if anything stops working on this add-on for any reason, please check back here to see if I am aware of it and have made a fix for it.

In addition to displaying the newsflash panel every 30 minutes it gives the user the ability to change the web address of the default Twitter news feed to any webpage on the internet that the user likes. That way you can keep aware of what is happening on another site every 30 minutes if you want. There are 3 text buttons at the bottom of browser, "Save", "Check" and "Panel". Navigating to a webpage that you wish to add as the new default page, and then clicking on the "Save" button will make it so. Clicking on the "Check" button will put up a notification of what your current stored default page is, and will open the panel's url in a new tab. And clicking "Panel" will bring up the panel anytime you wish without affecting the regular 30 minute cycle of reminders.

Go to Tools, Add-ons, Extensions, then select this add-on and click the Options button next to it to change the amount of minutes you want the pop up to occur. Also, you can adjust the size of the panel.

You can also left click and drag any link inside of the panel to your Firefox address bar and drop it in to navigate directly there.

A few useful feeds you might like to try are:
NOTE: Adding an s to the http for Twitter URLs may fix issues with site not displaying. eg. https The default Breaking News web address Breaking News Steve Gibson's net security twitter posts Wimbledon Live Scores Worldwide Weather Events US Weather Events US Weather Events UK Breaking News Twitter Current Trending Topics CNN BBC!/BBCWorld BBC Reuters Associated Press Agence France Presse Australian world news 24 Hour Financial News Wall Street Journal China news Australian Financial Australian Financial Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News New Jersey news feed Humanitarian crisis alert!/ShakingEarth Earthquake and Volcano news Earthquake map alert Latest Earthquakes Mapped Earthquakes Time magazine feed Tsunami warning Center for Disease Control feed!/craigslistjobs Job offers live!/currentcet CET Time updated every minutebytweet!/Web_Design_Jobs Web Jobs!/LotsaNews NewsFeed!/usatoday USAToday newsfeed!/AppToday Multiple new iPhone apps daily!/headlinenews NewsFeed!/newsnet NewsFeed South African News
Hope you like this extension. Please review it if you have time.

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