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If you want, please post any likes/dislikes or feature requests for this add-on in the Reviews section.

CTRL-SHIFT-9 to get a new tab only works by first pressing CTRL-9 into a pop up window, then CTRL-SHIFT-9 to get the new tab page.

This version 0.7 has support for any language that Wikipedia offers. Select your language by going into Tools, Addons, Extensions and click the Options button for this addon. There you can then search Wikipedia with German to Japanese and so on. Also you can adjust panel size and change the shortcut key to another one.

Select a word in a webpage and right click mouse and choose Wiki This Now to view a pop up box with the Wikipedia article about it. Click outside of pop up to remove it. Double left clicking a word in a webpage can highlight it straight away, then just right click and select Wiki This Now to get the page inset. However, double clicking will add an extra space at the end of the word selected that might cause the panel not to display sometimes, so if you get that, then select just the word manually with the mouse.

This is a simple addon that really just allows speedy look up of info for users who are going through lots of detailed text. A keyboard shortcut of CTRL-1 or CMD-1 has been added in version 0.5.

Typing Ctrl-Shift + 1 opens a new tab of Wikipedia

You can also left click and drag any link inside of the panel to your Firefox address bar and drop it in to navigate directly there.

Hope you like this extension. Please review it if you have time.

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