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Better CDCS


***Looking for the Chrome or Safari version? Go to UofR Registrar***

Want to see what your schedule will look like as you pick your classes? Want to be informed if you have two classes that conflict with each other? With the Better CDCS (course description, course search) extension the University of Rochester's course description page (CDCS Site) will be new and improved.

In the top right of the page a turn on/off button will appear allowing you to turn the extension on and off. After you turn the extension on every course with a valid time slot will have an "Add Course" button allowing you to add a course to your course list. Other courses on the page will automatically update to reflect any conflicts with courses on your list. Even when you close your browser or restart your computer your courses will be saved.

New Feature! When you finish picking out your classes you can now export them to Google Calendar. Just click the calendar icon on the right side and follow the steps.

Note - This is NOT a substitution for actually registering for classes. You still have to register through the registrar, this is mainly for scheduling purposes.

Install Instructions:
1. Install the Add-on
2. Go to https://cdcs.ur.rochester.edu
3. Enjoy the convenience of looking for classes.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Download files:


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