Infocon Watcher


This add-on displays the current Infocon on-line threat level on the add-on bar, as determined by the SANS Internet Storm Center. The Infocon is a color-coded assessment of the current condition of data security and connectivity of the Internet infrastructure. Also shown are the latest data security headlines from ISC.

Infocon Watcher is easy to use:
The icon color indicates the current Infocon level. Hover over the icon to see the Infocon status and headlines tooltip. Click the icon to open the headlines panel. Click an arrow to jump straight to the associated ISC article (version 1.1 and up).

If Infocon Watcher is incompatible with your browser, but you still want to use the headlines panel, take a look at the Infocon Watcher web page.

Download files:


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