Perapera Japanese Popup Dictionary


The BEST plugin for students of Japanese!

Browse Japanese websites with this handy set of training wheels. Read articles in Japanese and quickly see the pronunciation and definition of new words as you encounter them. Just point your mouse to the word you want to see and it will popup with your preferred pronunciation format, and the definition.

Full page translation won't help your Japanese get any better, but with this you can lookup and save words instantly without leaving the page or consulting a dictionary. One word at a time you can conquer reading Japanese fluency, we did :)

Visit for a YouTube demo of the features and things you can do with the plugin, but here are the main features and updates:

The plugin comes with Japanese-English already installed, but you can install additional dictionaries with the following links:

  • Japanese-German Dictionary from JMDICT (optional)
  • Japanese-French Dictionary from JMDICT (optional)
  • Japanese-Russian Dictionary from JMDICT (optional)
  • If you have multiple dictionaries, you can cycle through them with SHIFT key
  • Shows the Kanji pronunciation in Hiragana, Katakana, or Romaji
  • Save words to a manageable Wordlist and export them later to Anki etc. for studying

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    Download files:


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