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WebSitePulse Site Recorder


This recorder will help you record and upload your browser transactions. You can download the Firefox extension from Mozilla Add-ons.
The recorder uses the Firefox engine (Gecko) and is able to record the following events:

Installing the extension
  1. Download the extension from Mozilla Add-ons and follow the installation instructions.
    To complete the installation make sure to restart your browser.
  2. You can toggle the visibility of the Recorder Toolbar from your browser’s Options menu.
  3. To be able to upload the recorded transaction, make sure to enter your account username and API key. You can fill these in by selecting Options (from Recorder Menu) -> Monitoring (tab).
Setting up a transaction
  1. Click the Record button. If you have already opened a website, you will be asked whether you want to record the page you are at. To begin from a different page, simply click Cancel and a new recording Tab will be opened automatically. Be advised that the Recorder will not record any events from the pages you have already opened.
    If you would like to see detailed information about each step, click the Advanced button on the Recorder Toolbar.
  2. Start browsing following your desired scenario. Once you have finished, click the Stop button to stop the recording process.
  3. To replay the recorded script, click on the Play button. This will open a new window where you will be able to see how the recorded transaction is executed. Once the transaction is completed, a pop-up window with the transaction results will be displayed.
  4. To upload the recorded script click the Upload button and choose whether to add the transaction as a new target or replace an existing target.
  5. Don't forget to leave us your feedback by clicking the "Leave Feedback" button on the recorded toolbar.

Advanced Transaction Configuration
The Advanced button on the Recorder Toolbar opens a sidebar where you can see a detailed breakdown of all your actions.
Clicking on the Edit Step button at the bottom of the sidebar will display a control panel with the detailed information about the step you have selected:

Site Recorder Options
This menu defines the global settings of your Site Recorder.
The Player tab offers following options:
Other options

If you experience any difficulties or need assistance please contact us at
[email protected]
or 1-888-WSPULSE 24/7.

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