ShortShip Pro - smart eBay buying tools


Adds new features to eBay search! see seller's ratings in search, be warned if an item has a reserve before wasting your time clicking on it!

eBay is a great site, but their feature set for search is non optimal. Real power buyers demand more information from listings, and every click on an item that turns out to be garbage is wasted time.

ShortShip aims to fix this. For 3 years, shortship has been *the* ebay addon for power buyers. We were the first to offer sorting on shipping + item price (thankfully ebay has *finally* implemented this, in no small part due to shortship). We display whether an item has an unmet reserve price. We display seller information, so you can not waste your time on 0 feedback sellers.

More features added every version

WE NOW SUPPORT MOST RECENT 'BETA' VERSION OF SEARCH! (soon to be the default search)

Install shortship
in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, in the status bar area, click on the shortship (boat) icon to turn shortship ON. (toggable as you may not always need our features)
(OPTIONAL) Go into plugin settings and turn off affiliate mode if you are sensitive to that. See Privacy Policy for more information.

That's it! Search on eBay to see the new, modified search results!

Download files:


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