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Exports browser page to Endnote www.endnote.com from Thomson or compatible RIS citation management tool (ProCite, Reference Manager). Collects URL, hostname, last modification time and title page and exports to a RIS file. That RIS/ENW file can be imported into Endnote, Bibtext or similar citation tool.

You can link in the operation system the RIS/ENW file with endnote and tell the browser to open RIS/ENW files automatically with endnote. So only one click is necessary to export the data. If you got an issue that the citation replaces your browser window then the RIS/ENW file is not linked well in the tools/options/content/file types screen. See the previews/Screenshot section how it should look like. If this window replacement issue comes back then you got the webhelper application installed which changes the default behavior of RIS/ENW files. The webhelper app does not play well with the Extension. I have uninstalled it and since then the export works well. In Firefox 2.0 the mime types are messed up for RIS/ENW files. You can edit the mimetypes with opening the file mimeTypes.rdf in your profile and then add ENW and RIS files.

Version 0.4 also added the ability to create a PDF with pdfcreator silently from the viewed page and add to the EndNote citation record. Unfortunately EndNote 9 does append the PDF link to the URL field and you need to manually move the path info to the pdf field.

If you got an issue please send me an email [email protected]

If you don't know what the Endnote standalone application or a similar tool is this extension will have no value to you. This extension helps to export browser meta data to an external application.

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