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Remote Control


Did you ever find that while editing HTML/Javascript/Java/Flash/PHP/Ruby/Python/Perl/whatever that it would be cool to have your browser reflect any changes as soon as you hit Save in your IDE without having to Alt-Tab to the browser and hit refresh (Ctrl-R)? With this extension, you can!

Something like this:

[email protected]:~> telnet localhost 32000

You send any Javascript commands to Firefox in a single line, and it sends either a result or an error back JSON-encoded. As a convenience, a command of reload is taken to be a shortcut for window.location.reload()

Using netcat/nc, you can therefore:

echo reload | nc localhost 32000

and the page will reload.

Preferences are provided for TCP port number (default 32000) and whether to listen for all hosts or localhost only (default localhost only).

Integrating it with your IDE is something I intend to describe later...

Please review and submit bugs/issues using the Github issue tracker.

Please note especially:

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