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Webroot Short URL Expander


The Short URL Expander is currently an unsupported, beta product.

If you've used social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, you've certainly encountered shortened URL links. These links are great for sharing long URLs, but short links can also be used to mask Web sites known to be dangerous or annoying. This extension from Webroot is a valuable social networking companion: Simply hover the mouse pointer over any shortened URL links, and a popup will appear that contains not only the full version of the URL, but also the category and reputation of the URL, as determined by Webroot's Brightcloud reputation service.

* Expand short URLs in an attractive and easy-to-use way
* Get a warning if a URL is dangerous before you visit it
* If a short link service is not supported, or for other links, right-click the short link and choose "Check URL with Webroot"

For an add-on that will automatically check all links and block malicious sites -- no matter which browser you use -- check out Webroot Internet Security Essentials or Webroot Internet Security Complete.

Important note: This tool is currently in beta. Webroot strives to have the most accurate domain reputation data, but due to the nature of fast-moving threats, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of reputation data displayed in the add-on. Some domains may be misclassified or may not have reputation scores. If you discover a site which has been classified erroneously, please suggest a correction using this form.

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