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IMPORTANT: The add-on will not receive any more updates and will stop working by next November with Firefox 57! Click here for more info.


Contact Info: For reporting problems and bugs, or if you have comments or suggestions, please either send me an email ([email protected]) or go to https://github.com/Quicksaver/OmniSidebar/issues and create an issue, this is so I have a way to communicate with you if I need to.

This add-on provides a few options to make the sidebar more accessible and customize it.

Main features:
- Move the sidebar to the left or to the right of the screen

- Save toolbox space by keeping sidebar toolbar buttons in the sidebar itself and toggling it with a single OmniSidebar button.
--This button is updated accordingly to warn you when you have new feeds (Feed Sidebar) or changed webpages (Update Scanner) if those buttons are in the sidebar toolbar
-- You have to drag the toolbar buttons you want to the sidebar toolbar in the customize dialog as it doesn't include any buttons by default, just like you would to any other toolbar.

- Open mini panel by right-clicking or Ctrl + left-clicking (Command + left-clicking on Mac) the OmniSidebar button.
-- This mini panel is a quick way to access the controllers of your sidebar when it is closed, without having to open it.
-- If you have toolbar buttons in the sidebar toolbar, these will be shown in the top of the mini panel.
-- If the sidebar title menu option is enabled, the mini panel will also have a list of all the available sidebars to open.

- Ability to open and close the sidebar by clicking the margin of the browser window. It will glow when this feature is enabled so you know when you can click it.
-- The width of this margin area can be adjusted by preference "Adjust width of the active margin area" in OmniSidebar's options dialog.
-- Right-clicking or Ctrl + left-clicking (Command + left-clicking on Mac) the browser margin will open the mini panel instead, if the sidebar is closed.
-- MileWideBack and EdgeWise users: the left margin will have the default behavior of those add-ons when clicked, to toggle the sidebar through this method you need to shift+click on it.

- Clicking the sidebar title provides a menu to choose a sidebar to open.

- Twin Sidebar on the opposite side of the main one.
-- You can enable it in the OmniSidebar options dialog.
-- Only the toolbar buttons placed in the twin sidebar toolbar (and of course the twin sidebar button itself) will open pages in the twin sidebar.
-- Important note: you can't open the same page on both sidebars as the browser would become unstable.
-- Important note: you can only open one social sidebar at any time. Even if you try to open a different one in one sidebar, the opposite sidebar will close if it also has a social panel loaded in it. This is a limitation of the Social API system that the add-on cannot overcome.

- Undock the sidebar from the browser window and show it above the webpage.
-- Auto-hide to the side: move the cursor to the edge of the page to show it.
--- You can set the show/hide delay times in the OmniSidebar preferences window
--- This active area is also adjustable in the same "Adjust width of the active margin area" preference

- Automatically close the sidebar when it loses focus, e.g. when you click somewhere on the webpage or the location bar.
-- If the sidebar is undocked and set to auto-hide, it will hide instead of closing.

Other features:
- Glass style for all sidebars.
-- Uses some very nice scrollbars created by makondo!

- OmniSidebar options dialog can be accessed by right-clicking any of the OmniSidebar toolbar buttons or anywhere on the sidebar header (title, toolbar buttons, sidebar close button, etc.). Also accessible from the Add-ons Manager window.

- Keep the panel loaded when closing the sidebar
-- This feature keeps the sidebar in memory when you close it. For example, it will remember which bookmark you last clicked, or the scrolling position of the sidebar.
-- When switching sidebars, the previous panel is always unloaded from memory. This means that it will not remember the bookmarks position after you've opened the history sidebar for example.
-- Some sidebars don't work well with this feature. The AutoPager sidebar is always unloaded, regardless of this setting. If you find any other conflicts, please let me know.

- Open and close the sidebar from a customizable keyboard shortcut, selectable from a list of available shortcuts in Omnisidebar's options dialog.
-- This keyboard shortcut can optionally open the mini panel instead.

- Includes toolbar buttons for opening your bookmarks, history, add-ons manager, browser console and DOM Inspector in the sidebar, you'll have to access the customize dialog to drag them where you want them, just like you would any other toolbar button.
-- Other buttons included to open in the sidebar:
--- Scratchpad (read note about this below!)
--- Downloads

- Hide the sidebar's current page name and close button.

- Change the sidebar toolbar icons to either firefox themed icons or color icons. Default option makes no changes to icons.

- Always open in the sidebar the add-ons manager, browser console, downloads dialog, view page info and scratchpad.
-- Will make it so every menu item and keyboard shortcuts open the specified page in the sidebar as the default action.
-- Note that if Download Manager Tweak is enabled it overrides OmniSidebar's settings, so if you want to open the Downloads page in the sidebar through the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + J) you have to set it as so in DMT's preferences.
-- At least for now, this setting is relative only to the main sidebar.
-- Scratchpad Note: Save often the script in the scratchpad editor if you need to! Although when closing the sidebar, the prompt to confirm closing the scratchpad with unsaved changes will normally appear, there are some specific situations where the sidebar can close/reload without prompting.

- Keep sidebar state in Private Browsing Mode.
-- If enabled, the sidebars will remain open in the current panel when entering or exiting the Private Browsing Mode.
-- If disabled, the sidebars will always be closed when entering the Private Browsing Mode and will revert back to their previous state when leaving it.

- (For extension/theme developers) This extension adds an "inSidebar" class (if it doesn't have one already) to whatever page is opened in the sidebar for easier customization.

- Optional 'Go' button to open any 'about:' or 'chrome://' uri in the sidebar.

If you're looking for a vertical toolbar to go with your enhanced sidebar, try out my own Lateral Puzzle Toolbar, which also integrates seamlessly with the undocked and auto-hiding sidebar!

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