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Barlesque is an extension for Mozilla Firefox 4.x that reclaims useful window space by collapsing the wide grey add-on bar into a neat set of add-on buttons. This extension is Firefox 4.x-only, as add-on bar is a new feature (introduced in Firefox 4.0b7).

Extension implements this proposal of Jennifer Boriss from Mozilla user experience group:



Name of extension comes from the word Burlesque and the name of add-on bar UI element of Firefox 4.


Barlesque expects user to have the add-on bar switched on ("View" menu -> "Toolbars" -> check the "Add-on Bar").

You'll see the effect of extension immediately after installation; add-on bar won't be the solid horizontal band at the bottom, but will cover only a portion of the space instead. Also, you can quickly hide the add-on bar by clicking on the dark-grey down arrow icon at the left (if add-on bar is bound to the right edge of screen) or right (left edge of screen) side of add-on bar. Later you can expand the add-on bar with the same icon (it will show up-facing arrow).

You can customize some aspects of Barlesque behavior through the options dialog ("Tools" menu -> "Add-ons" item -> "Options" button of "Barlesque"):
All changes made through the options dialog take effect immediately.

Usability considerations:

Please note that the default bottom-right positioning of the add-on bar may interfere with UI elements of some websites (e.g. Facebook chat). If you're frequent visitor to such sites, you may want to change the positioning of add-on bar through the options dialog (or even refrain from using the extension). You'd probably want to read the comments to the article linked above and this discussion on Mozillazine:


Known issues:

There are reports that Barlesque is incompatible with Personas; I'm currently looking into ways to fix this.

Further tweaking:

If you find this add-on useful, you may also like the Link Target Display and Firefox 4 UI Fixer extensions.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, bug reports or feature requests, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or write in Mozillazine support thread:


Please do not use the reviews section to get support or report bugs.

Download files:


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