TrackerBlock gives you complete control over online tracking, deploying multiple forms of protection:

Cookie Blocking and Deletion - TrackerBlock can stop over 550 tracking companies from reading or writing cookies on your computer, and deletes other tracking tags they may leave behind (Flash cookies and HTML5 storage).

Do Not Track - With each browser request you can send a signal that you do not want to be tracked.

Opt-out Cookies - Keeps opt-out cookies in place for hundreds of companies, which turns off targeted advertising and, with some companies, data collection.

HTML5 Control - Shows you which companies are using HTML5 to store data on your computer, and lets you delete any or all of it.

Independent Add-on - TrackerBlock 2.1 requires no interaction with our servers, providing even greater privacy.

Track the Trackers (optional) - Logs when tracking companies try to access your computer to support our crowd-sourced tracking database.

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