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4.0.3 fixes the non-working issue experienced by some users with a localized firefox.
It is queued for review by mozilla. If you're one of those users, go here to install it now:

Updated for Firefox 4, thank you for your patience ;)

New features in version 4:
- in-field clear buttons, optional.
- support for firefox 4

Note: The Tools menu seems to be available only in the old-style menu bar in firefox 4, so to configure the add-on for now you'll have to right-click on the toolbar and enable the "Menu Bar".


- Keyboard shortcuts
- (?) Ctrl-Click on a field to empty it
- One for all button


Toolbar buttons that clear:
- Address Field
- Search Field
- Search Field of the Official Google Toolbar
- Search Field of Web Search Pro
- Find Field (currently broken in ffx 4)
- All Text Fields, Password Fields and Checkboxes in the viewed page!
- Bookmark and History Panel Search Fields
- Search Field of the Official Yahoo Toolbar
- *NEW* in-field clear buttons for Address, Search and Find fields

Now you can easily empty the contents of the fields listed above. Useful for people who paste with the middle click. Inspired by konqueror.

You can add the buttons to your toolbars in two ways:

* Use the commands in the Tools menu
* Right-click on any toolbar, click Customize... and drag the buttons on the toolbar of your choice.

The in-field clear buttons are enabled by default, if you don't like them you may disable them from the Tools menu.

Please check my homepage for the Localization Files and instructions on how to translate this extension :)

* The extension will use a different icon if it detects Midnightfox or Cylence Theme 2, creating a more unified experience (thanx Bruno)

* If you have an icon which would look good under a specific theme, don't hesitate to send it to me! I'll add it to the extension and you'll be able to use it with your favorite theme!

Thank you all for your feedback and support :)

Download files:


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