OpenLink HTML5 WebDB-to-XMLA Bridge


The OpenLink HTML5 WebDB-to-XMLA Bridge extension that provides a binding from the HTML5 Web SQL Database API to tabular XMLA (XML for Analysis) data sources.

XMLA is an HTTP-based protocol enabling data access against tabular (RDBMS) and multi-dimensional (OLAP and ROLAP) data sources.

This extension only deals with tabular data sources that are directly accessible via XMLA, or indirectly accessible via bridges to ODBC (and beyond).

This is important because now, rather than JavaScript SQL Database access being confined to SQLite, users and developers can use the HTML5 Web SQL Database API against an OpenLink XMLA Data Provider which enables transparent access to data stores including OpenLink Virtuoso, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Sybase, Ingres, Progress, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and any ODBC or JDBC accessible data source.

When OpenLink Virtuoso is the target DBMS, users and developers enjoy several additional benefits:

How do I use it?

Simply install and configure an OpenLink XMLA Provider. Then start using the new Web Database APIs for data access from your HTML5 application as documented by the HTML5 team.

We've provided a Simple Test HTML5 document that uses this API for SQL based RDBMS data access.

Connect Strings

The HTML5 WebDB-to-XMLA Bridge currently supports connect strings for these XMLA Providers --

Note: The Virtuoso XMLA Provider currently only supports read-only connections, hence the Readonly Test Sync Database calls and Readonly Test Async Database calls tests have to be used when running the XMLAsample1.html test page. Thus before executing Virtuoso readonly tests, the following tables need to be created and data inserted:

INSERT INTO TEST (string, number, nuller, blober) VALUES ('str0', 11111.22, NULL, 0x01020304050607);
INSERT INTO TEST (string, number, nuller, blober) VALUES ('str1', 22222.33, NULL, 0x02030405060808);

Virtuoso versions 6.1.3 and later will support DML (write operations), although XMLA connections will be read-only by default as a security precaution. Running the following command as the DBA user will enable write operations --
registry_set ('XMLA-DML','1');

How do I install the HTML5 XPI?
Download the HTML5 XMLA XPI

How do I obtain XMLA Providers?

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