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Surfmark is the ONLY way to take full screenshots of web pages into organized topics, add annotations to them and share them with a single link. This flexibility allows for almost endless use cases. With Surfmark you can easily organize and save your online search/research, collaborate with others or build a continuously improving store of extremely valuable curated knowledge. Surfmark also provides a rich 'palette' for self-expression - you get the ease of micro-blogging and richness of blogging without worrying about grammar, composition and diction. Ultimately Surfmark is an "effort archiving" platform that allows users to fully capture the effort and thought they put into their Web based search / research.

It allows you to distill down hours and hours of your web-based research effort into a few most important and most relevant pages, arranged into editable collages, books and flow diagrams (which can also be downloaded as PDF's!) that you can preserve for your later reference or share with your friends and co-workers and also collaborate with them.

It is also the easiest way to create a blog or wiki based on what you read on the net:

Surfmark extension (we also provide a Bookmarklet) allows you to capture all aspects of your searches including screen capture - exact copies of the web pages - as images with hyperlinks still active, the different paths you take while browsing, the time you spent on each page and full range of annotations that you add on the pages while browsing, using the tools provided within the extension. It then allows you to filter these pages based on different criteria and automatically arrange them into books and process flows. These books and process flows are fully editable. The pages are automatically published to the ‘cloud’ hosted website so that they are available from any computer (no plugin required for that) and to share and collaborate with just your friends or with the wider community. All the recorded pages (yes, even though they are images) including your annotations are indexed and fully searchable.
You can also keep your research private by protecting it with passwords
You can read about the philosophy behind Surfmark on our blog:
Key functionalities of the extension and application are:
Full set of annotation tools to allow you to add notes, highlights and drawings directly to the pages while you are browsing;
Automatic recording or manual capture complete or partial pages so that they are available off-line while giving you control - recording only happens when you tell the plugin to record. You can make surfmarks private after they have been synched to the cloud hosted website;
Viewing recorded pages as a collage, a book or a flow graph. These views provide highlight different aspects of the saved knowledge;
Full-text search capability of your published Surfmarks;
Ability to further edit and add to published Surfmarks so that they remain live and relevant.

A few examples of how the community is using Surfmark:
The video on our homepage helps explain the concept behind Surfmark:
Help documentation on our blog walks you through the process of recording, publishing, editing and enhancing Surfmarks:

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