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Webpedia - query suggestion and topic explanation


Webpedia boosts search in two ways:
1) It provides some related reference information according to the query. For example, for query "Matrix Character", information of "Neo", "Trinity", "Morpheus" and "The Oracle" will be displayed. You can search for each reference item by clicking the search icon besides the title of the reference. More images or detailed information could be shown by clicking "more images" or "more info".
2) It provides two ways to refine the query. Clicking "+" will add the suggested phrase to the current query while clicking the phrase will replace the query with the phrase itself. For example, for query "tom cruise", Webpedia will suggest "top gun". Clicking the "+" before "top gun" will replace the query with "tom cruise top gun", while clicking "top gun" will start a new search with it as query.

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