Live IP Address


It basic functionality is to retrieve your Live IP Address and display it on Firefox's status bar.

In the currect version the following features are functioning:

1. By double-clicking on the IP address field in Firefox's status bar, the extension copies your IP to the clipboard.
2. Under the Tools menu-item, an entry called Live IP Address has been added which reveals 3 sub-menu options: i) Copy Live IP Address, ii) Force Update Now and iii) Set Update Interval.
3. When the user right clicks inside the web browser, the right-click list displays a new entry called "Copy Live IP Address", if the user select this option a prompt box pops up displaying the IP, where the user may copy that into the clipboard.
4. IP validation method has been added to verify that each value returned from the Web IP Finders complies with the IPv4 format.
5. Total number of IP-Finders 1.
6. When the user right clicks on the IP address field in Firefox's status bar, the options "Force Update Now" and "Set Update Interval" are displayed.

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