Craigslist Peek


Craigslist Peek works on all Craigslist, Kijiji (US) / eBayClassifieds, Facebook Marketplace and 58 同城 listings. Multiple cities listing on craigslist.

== 3 steps to get LATEST VERSION ==
Follow below steps to get latest version that's compatible with recent changes in Craigslist.
1. Click Version Information at bottom of this page.
2. Click "See complete version information" at bottom of expanded box.
3. Install the latest version (version 0.557)

= Requirement =
Fast computer with fast internet connection.

I ported this from my Google Chrome extension of same name. The Suggestions feature is copied from my other addons specific to Cars and Motorcycles. Will try to add similar stuff for other sections.

= Features =

* Short description under listing
* Images under listing
* Multiple cities listing (beta). Lets you broaden your search area.
* Auto refresh listing to show latest ad
* Photo gallery
* Suggestions in cars & motorcycle section of Craigslist
* Minimum model Year to current year range in cars & motorcycle section of Craigslist
* Easily turn off / on this extension from the icon
* Quick toggle compact / expand listing
* Date of posting
* Multiple column listing. Useful for large screen computers.
* Filter listings (beta)

This lets you show listings from multiple cities. This feature requires fast and powerful computer.

Demo video of its chrome port

= Usage Tips =
* Enable / disable multiple cities or auto-refresh according to your need.

= My Extensions =

== ISSUES ==
* If any issues on ff with this extension then you can try Google Chrome port of it, until the issue is resolved.
* Report issues or suggestions at my blog.

Support for Facebook Marketplace and 同城 is alpha. Some options in the Settings popup doesn't work on these sites.

Download files:


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