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WikiTweak - Wikipedia Enhancer


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To edit WikiTweak options:
1. Click on "Tools" in the top Firefox menu
2. Click "WikiTweak - Options"

General Options
Amalgam - Crosslinks 10 online encyclopedias (7 English, 3 German)
Article Mode - Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F to toggle between article-mode and normal mode
Auto-Login - Automatically logs you in if Firefox is set to remember your password
Footnotes Popup - Click on footnote to see it in top-right corner of screen
Image Hider - Hides all images on Wikipedia and shows them on a single click
Inline Article Viewer - Icon next to links enables you to preview an article without leaving the original page
Large Images - Lets you make Wikipedia images larger when you hover over them
Numbered Search Result - Adds a numbers for each search result
QuickiWiki - Quickly look up selected text in Wikipedia, Wiktionary or Wikiquote
wikEd - Full-featured in-browser editor for Wikipedia and other MediaWikis

✔ Black
✔ Clean and Readable
✔ Dark Grey, Transparency
✔ Dark Shiny Blue, Transparency
✔ Eyesaver by purpler
✔ For Typophiles (On a Budget)
✔ Grey Lady III
✔ Grey Lady Wb
✔ Main Page English Only
✔ Mandriva Blue
✔ Minimalist (By Ekallevig)
✔ Minimalist (By Irfan)
✔ Modern-Wiki
✔ Modern-Wiki Slim Search Bar
✔ Perfect, Clean, Readable, Printable
✔ Simple Research Large Light & Stylish
✔ SKYY's Dark
✔ SKYY's Dark (Non-Rounded Corners)
✔ Spacious
✔ Star Trek LCARS Terminal
✔ Times
✔ Ubuntu Gold
✔ WikiClean Minimal and Readable

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