Author(s): Notifier Add-on for Firefox

The Notifier Add-on for Firefox checks regularly whether it is your turn in one of your current games. It then notifies you by displaying a little icon in your Firefox status bar. A double-click on this icon directly brings you to your next ready game.

Please note that the add-on is still in beta-status, meaning that it might contain bugs and might not always work as intended.


1. go to Extras->Add-ons
2. click on Preferences on the Notifier Add-on.
3. Enter your username. You usually shouldn't need to adjust the time between checks.


The add-on will display a small pawn icon in your status bar. If the icon shows a hand next to the pawn, it is your turn in one of your games. Double-click the icon to go to your next ready game. You might still need to log in on the website if you are not logged in already (the add-on does not know your password nor will it ever ask for it).

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