CryptoFox supports the following:

- AES 128-bit Encrypt
- AES 128-bit Decrypt
- AES 192-bit Encrypt
- AES 192-bit Decrypt
- AES 256-bit Encrypt
- AES 256-bit Decrypt
- ASCII to Binary
- ASCII to Hexadecimal
- Base 64 Encode
- Base 64 Decode
- Binary to ASCII
- Binary to Decimal
- Binary to Hexadecimal
- Binary to Octal
- Ceaser Encrypt
- Ceaser Decrypt
- Decimal to Binary
- Decimal to Hexadecimal
- Decimal to Octal
- DES Encrypt
- Generate CRC32 Checksum
- Hexadecimal to ASCII
- Hexadecimal to Binary
- Hexadecimal to Decimal
- Hexadecimal to Octal
- HTML Entities Encode
- MD5 Dictionary attack
- MD5 Encrypt
- Morse Code Encrypt
- Morse Code Decrypt
- Octal to Binary
- Octal to Decimal
- Octal to Hexadecimal
- Reverse
- ROT-13
- SHA1 Encrypt
- SHA256 Encrypt
- URL Encode
- URL Decode
- XOR Encrypt

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