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PatentlyUseful(tm) For the USPTO


When at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website (uspto.gov), this add-on provides additional links when viewing either an issued patent or a published patent application (the "Patent").

In the upper left corner links to the following sites are provided, including:

o Pat2Pdf.org (creates a free downloadable pdf version of the Patent viewed)
o FreePatentsOnline.com (If registered, creates a free downloadable pdf version of the Patent viewed)
o Google Patents (need to click "Download PDF" to get the pdf version)
o EPO Site (The European Patent Office related record of the Patent viewed)
o EPO pdf (The European Patent Office related pdf of the Patent (CAPTCHA entry required if the Patent is issued)
o EPO Legal Status (The European Patent Office recorded status of the related record of the Patent)
o EPO INPADOC (The European Patent Office recorded family status (related patent applications))
o USPTO's Assignment Records for the patent
o USPTO's Bibliographic information for the patent (Note: wait a few seconds after going to the page otherwise the USPTO may think you are a bot and block access)

In the upper right hand corner specific information for the issued patent or published app is shown including:

o Number (e.g. Issue number or Publication number)
o Serial Number
o Filing Date (of this case, NOT the priority date)
o Issue/Publication Date
o Assignee as a link to assignee search if an assignee is found
o Main/Current US classification with a link to US Class search
o Corresponding publication/patent for the displayed patent/publication (if found) NOTE: This may take a few second to 30+ seconds depending on your internet connection as well as the USPTO server's response time.

Within the Cited Art:
Provides links to pat2pdf.org and the EPO site for each issued US Patent and Published Application cited.

Example use:
Go to USPTO site and view a patent (e.g. US Pat. No. 7,458,133 at http://tinyurl.com/Pat7458133 (tinyurl.com link to USPTO.gov) or The Method of Swinging a Swing Patent at http://tinyurl.com/swingpatent )

1.) Use the various links provided at the top left corner.
2.) View the information in the top right corner and use the two provided links for Assignee search and Main U.S. Classification search
3.) Use the links created if an issued US Patent is cited on the face of the patent.

Please contact me if you have additional questions at [email protected]

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