This website is a repository for web content that has been deemed "legacy" and has been removed by their original publishers, and might otherwise be difficult or cumbersome to get.
This is still a new effort, so we will be growing our site with more legacy content submitted by users over time. This was primarily started to give people access to the "legacy" Firefox extensions people still want and need, but Mozilla has completely purged from existence, but we can imagine there are others with archived versions of things they got a long time ago, which are still useful, but are very hard to find by now.

Important usage notes for this website


Submitting new collectables:

If you want to have new collectables added to this site, the best way is to first verify that it meets our content policy. We have no desire to break any laws or disrespect authorship and its rights, so only items that had been freely available are eligible. We do not host content that is either in dispute or closed by Copyright without licensing to release it otherwise.
When your evaluation has come out positive, contact us.